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04.01.13 07:19:10 am
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These two (2) files are a compiled list of ALL Stranded 2 and Stranded 2: Massive MoD Items, and their ID#'s, and unused ID#'s.
File A - Used_Unused, is just a list of Used ID#'s compared next to unused ID#'s. This should help when adding new Items and avoiding ID errors.
File B - Compiled_Item_List, A list of ALL items, their ID#'s and Names, roughly organized into groups. I am hoping that this will also be as large a help to others as it has been for me.
Note - Some items and ID#'s are for my Mod, and thus mean nothing to you. Sadly when I made these templates I was not thinking well enough ahead to seperate them by which Mod they are in. But it is a relativly Good standing Model. Just Ignore the "price=" referance in the files. Thats for my MoD.

Currently working on a list of all used and unused ID#'s as well. Mostly for myself to make it easier when adding objects to the game so I can keep track. But someone else may also find it helpful so it will be uploaded when finished.
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07.01.13 03:27:38 pm
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Marco McLane
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Thank You Marastife
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