English Problem with Stranded 2 model modding

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Hi US.
I`m use Milkshape3d for converting .mdl models to .b3d models. Models with 1 texture file converts successfully (see right car at screen). But model with two textures (body and wheels) converts w/o wheel textures. I`m did all right, where is a problem? Stranded2 doesn`t allow 2 textures for 1 model?

P.S. Milkshape3d seen both textures and convert both too. And both texture file lie in /gfx folder with other models and textures. Plz help!

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25.04.11 05:31:50 am
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when you apply the textures in Milkshape 3D, make sure there aren't any transparent textures.
For the wheels, try using Psytecic's(I never knew how this guy's name was spelled XD) wheel model instead.
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