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26.05.22 10:27:46 am
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So nice! Love to see the investment in a good map editor! Will there be a "randomly roughen" and "smooth" brush for the terrain? I always found that very helpful in games to quickly create interesting terrains.
Also I find everything very beautifully designed!
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07.06.22 03:56:17 am
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I think a good feature to add, for terrain manipulation, would be the ability to change the overall shape of the brush (ex. circle, triangle, hexagon, square, octagon, custom, etc.) as well as the relative x/z dimension scaling of the brush (ex. long narrow brush[1X,0.4Z], balanced[1X,1Z], and all other possible variations).

In addition to shape, dispersion of influence would be another good setting/feature to add. It would control how the effects of the brush (painting, height adjusting, terrain changing) are spread and dispersed within the brush area. This could, for instance, decide whether raising the terrain in an area would form a spiky mountain, a gradual hill, or a plateau.

Also, the array of green dots that represent the brush could each have their brightness represent their relative influence, thus in the case of very centralized dispersion the dots in the very center would be much brighter than those outside, while a more gradual dispersion would have brightness fade out more gradually closer to the edges, and in the plateau setting all dots would be the same brightness, as the influence would be uniform.

Also, smoothness of brush dispersion could be a option as well, to be able to change from more of a grainy 'spray paint' range to a smooth 'fountain pen' range, and all the areas in-between.

The ability to choose the magnitude of influence would also be very useful, as it would be able to control the sensitivity of the brush.

Of course, some people may want to save their settings once they get them perfect, so the ability to save and load brush settings would be convenient.

Anyway, just a few ideas. I hope they help.

UPDATE: also, the inability to pick/destroy flowers in-game in Stranded II was an annoying feature that should not be repeated for Stranded III. Also, Stranded II Titanium has a feature in editor 'areas', a derivative of which would be quite useful in Stranded III. It gives the ability to place specific types of plants with the editor paint brush (ex. herbs, flowers, trees, stones, stones(ore), bushes, vines, etc) which could consist of a single type of entity or specific groups of entities. Other groups, like jungle floor or sea floor, could also be included. Units and items could also be included if you so desired, if for whatever reasons it is required. Also, the ability of custom making area types and saving them would improve flexibility the entire system, and could result in improvements over existing.

Water logic (the implementation of calculating river flow, lake size, and other aspects of how water acts and affects things around it) is something I personally have never seen in any game I have ever played, but something which would be very valuable if successfully implemented (ex. by using water volume estimates, flow estimates, and evaporation level, etc., obviously limited by practicality of course). It carries the possibility of improving many aspects of the game dramatically. Also, if underground water flow (ex. underwater rivers, the water table, soil humidity) is calculated, it could result in the ability to position plants and animals better, so monkeys for example do not thrive in the desert, and neither does moss. Also, the paths of fish could be calculated for rivers, and unlike Stranded II, you could make it impossible for fish to travel under land, and instead in lakes, rivers, and the ocean. This would also open up the possibility of saltwater and freshwater plants and animals, in oceans or lakes and rivers respectively. Implementing this may take a bit of time (browsing GitHub and game dev forums) but the results would easily be worth it.

Also, creating a modular building system for in-game building would be worth considering. Specifically, one that builds things piece-by-piece. It would be a lot more elegant than the Stranded II method of right clicking until carpal tunnel sets in. If the modular building method included the ability to design modular buildings in editor, it may make it especially easy to design buildings that can be made, and the buildings would take little storage. Of course there should be rules to when designing a building to prevent obvious structural instability, which would eliminate most horrible or unrealistic and impractical designs. Also, things could be created to extend on a previous building, and thus improve them, or to lower requirements of storage for buildings. Different methods of pooling resources could be used when building a building out of single construction objects (ex. logs, rocks) in order to prevent inefficiencies, especially by pooling all resources in single building structures, and consolidating it as one object. Also, you can check out Cast Away by user Hurri04 (the German version works better) and get ideas from that, but of course extend on that, as it is fairly simple.

Edit: Extension mod also has a modular building method, which would be useful to check out for ideas. It isn't perfect though. The main problems not due to the system, but due to the fact that the models aren't correctly aligned.
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I've been making extensive progress on Stranded II Enhanced lately. I am hoping to release a new update soon. Spoiler: There will be fully functional tanks, planes can be enabled to drop bombs, and much more. Stay tuned for the release.
21.06.22 09:40:12 am
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Stranded 3 is developed already 10 years.. and still not sure when it will be released.
23.06.22 02:03:00 pm
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I remember when I was in my early 10s sending a message to DC asking if I could make an official portuguese translation of Stranded III (the one for SII on the website was awful and the translator straight up cut weed from the game because he thought it was morally wrong).
Here we are 10 years later, and I'm still checking in now and then.
I know how hard it is to keep up with a project that doesnt seem relevant to you any longer, with work and more important things on your life. Its been some of us's dream to see this come to light. It was my first survival game and it sparked interest in me to go out camping.

Also, when its out, I'm still going to translate it.
23.06.22 08:35:18 pm
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user Sabowulf, Hah! I was using an IRC client built into CS2D and told DC to create Stranded III. I don't remember what he answered, but right on the next day the "Stranded III" page on unrealsoftware.de appeared. Here's a chance that nobody would even believe me but I have only one friend who can confirm I'm not lying.
You received a game ban because you seem to be a cheater. You are not able to log-in in-game anymore.
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