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08.11.14 12:19:16 am
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a mod that allows you to build the following:

house with red roof, with a door you can open (and storage like sail raft)
the yo.. err the big white boat(with lots of storage √ offers a place to sleep × > )

the guns and ammo √

items needed for ammo: gold, iron and "bang shrooms" (maybe make an item that pacifies the shrooms when you get near them)
items needed for guns: amount of iron and wood dependent of what one you make

the big white boat:
lots and lots of wood(logs/branches/bamboo) lots of iron, some gold and some crystals some hide and cotton/wool and cord

plants: plant able bamboo

new items:
storm lantern fueled by some kinda oil you have to make from something on the island

shipwright(jetty with large storage attached):
storage for building your boats,
when you "use" the building you are asked "do you want to store or build items" you load the storage up with items needed for the build.

once you have everything, go to build option and select "build" after a min or 3 the boat appears! (yes the log raft sail raft and that big white one and if you like, mod the plane so its a seaplane and floats and have that in there too)

also, if you use build option while a boat is parked nearby, you could have upgrades, upgrade log boat to sailboat, upgrade sailboat to white boat and.. hell why not add a machine gun! (uses players x hairs to aim and replaces default in-hand item when lmb is pressed, rmb switches between in-hand weapon and ship weapon

so thats at least a few ideas ive had, im useless at this codding and moddeling stuff, otherwide i would be intoit myself
have fun!
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08.11.14 07:47:53 am
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you might want to give my mod a go: The Survivalist

real nice ideas...most are already in this mod...you have to survive long enough to experience all the mod offers.

After launching, read the Diary-Operations tab, and check out the huge list of combinations in the Diary-Crafting section. This will give you some idea of the depth of play.

> Direct download from the thread

The Survivalist_12-24-19 is now available. DOWNLOAD HERE >The Survivalist 12-24-19 | Performance-In options keep Water Detail off
08.11.14 08:29:35 am
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not sure im up for that, besides i finally found what im meant to be looking at to make the mods, it is much like the coding of another game ive messed around with so im good!

made the yacht store stuff, and made some bullets, need to change the recipe slightly tho, the current one is a little too easy (hammer+gold+iron) ive added exploding bait to the recipe, so now i need to get that creatable, with something...

i only came back here to research behaviors, i need to do a dual behavior the yacht so it acts like a boat and offers cover also, i think i saw someone here post it, i think it was

i have also added a few more items not managed to implement them just yet tho, no machinegun on the yacht yet either =p
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