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23.12.19 08:14:27 am
I recently got back into this game after probably a decade of forgetting it existed. I'm currently working on a mod that improves a lot of things, one of which is removing all the drug-based items from the game. At first I thought it would be as simple as going into the Editor and removing all Hemp plants/leaves and joints from all the maps, but then I remembered the Natives' quest near the end of Adventure mode and that the Random Island mode generates hemp plants. Deleting the hemp items in the level would probably break the game when it calls for the quest, and Random Island mode would probably crash when it tries to generate hemp.

Removing those items from the map generation and from the quests is my current goal, but I don't know how to do that or where to start. I can change the text in the interaction menus so that the Chieftan asks for "plants of feeding" (wheat) instead of "plants of joy" (hemp leaf), but I don't know how to modify the scripts.

I need to know how to do two things:

1. How do I modify that Adventure map to remove those specific items from the fetch quest?

2. How do I change Random Island mode so it doesn't generare Hemp plants?

Don't worry, my mod will change a whole lot more than this, but this is my only roadblock so far.
23.12.19 12:02:41 pm
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It would probably be easier to replace the drug stuff with something else. e.g.:
Spoiler >

You would not have to touch quest logic then but only change the texts.

If you still want to remove it entirely:

1. You have to find and adjust the related scripts in the map (I don't remember where exactly they are and what needs to be adjusted)
2. Edit all "random_ ... inf" files and remove/edit the statements which spawn hemp plants. I think it's always this line

just remove the hemp (134) so it looks like:
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23.12.19 06:12:40 pm
Is there a way to skip to any adventure map to see if my changes have worked?

Edit: I created a new icon for my Joint replacement. Although it's in BMP format, the game fails to load it. Any idea why? I changed the bit depth to 24 and kept the resolution at 40x40 pixels like the other images.
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25.12.19 04:49:04 am
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I think you have to play to the said map and save it there so you can load it repeatedly to check it...or use the editor but I don't recall.

Icons should be 8 bit i think. If you are using Gimp you need to choose EXPORT-AS (not save) and then in the dialog box click +COMPATIBILITY and check the box "Do Not Write Color Space Information."

Also make sure the image does not have transparency background, "flatten" it or remove transparency under IMAGE or LAYERS tab.
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31.12.19 12:00:22 am
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What will be the point of the weed grandpa then? Also you could do a poll to see if people really care that much about having drugs in the game. If you really want to remove it that bad, I guess you could turn the grandpa into a pineApple seller if you change diologue
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