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01.04.22 07:16:20 am
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A pack of 6 co-op campaigns I made.
I recommend starting with 'coop_thebreakin' since it is the easiest campaign and in my opinion, the best out of the bunch.

Alien Invasion - This map takes inspiration from action movies with gratuitous swearing and guns everywhere for no reason. A lot of aliens to gib, too.

Codename Cure - This campaign is based off a HL2 mod with the same name. It has a class selection system and lots of zombies to kill.

Hostage Forest - An extremely simple square map that has a few soldier npcs and hostages to rescue. Not my best work...

The Break In - Players are placed in the shoes of a group of marines which need to infiltrate a base and explode it from the inside out... Just be sure to get out of there when you plant the bomb.

Prison Break - An insanely long and hard campaign that requires atleast two players. If you're going to play this map, good luck.

Zombie Town - A police force have to rescue hostages from a zombie-infested city.

You should add a bot to the unplayable team so the game doesn't end abruptly whenever one of your teammates dies. This doesn't matter in singleplayer, though.
In some maps you have to join the terrorist team and in others you need to join ct.
'coop_prisonbreak' requires atleast two players to complete.

Move the 'maps' folder into CS2D's main directory.
Open the readme file and download the assets with the link provided in it.
Move the two folders into CS2D's main directory.

I actually used some textures and a sound (if I remember right) from some servers, but I don't remember which ones. Sorry to the creators, it's been years since I made some of these maps.
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07.04.22 09:07:23 am
like I like it!
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What a cool concept, i hope you created the singleplayer of it like @user Hatsune Miku: said.
02.04.22 12:47:36 pm
like I like it!
Hatsune Miku
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i hope you created the singleplayer version of it
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