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04.12.15 03:22:13 pm
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It's me again.

When I use GIMP to modify skins or textures, they are not readed by game after the modification and whole object or unit is white. What could it be? Do I have to use other program?
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04.12.15 05:09:37 pm
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make sure to save your image in the right resolution and as a 24-bit .bmp file
04.12.15 07:21:16 pm
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Choose EXPORT AS to save them:

if it is a .png

1) At the "EXPORT AS" dialog box, , UN-CHECK ALL the boxes.

2) Proceed to "export as".

if it is a .bmp

1) At the "EXPORT AS" dialog box, click the + compatibility options button and CHECK the box to "Do not save color space".

2) Proceed to "export as".

if it is a .jpg

1) Do nothing at the "EXPORT AS" dialog box.

2) You do have a option to slider up from 90 to 100% resolution if you want. (i do 100%)

3) Proceed to "export as".
Gimp as default settings for exporting everytime you open the program. Once you export 1 image...any change you made will remain for that type file until you restart the program again. You have to reset them again every time you open the program.

This is important if you use the option just above "export as" where it says Overwrite "your file"...if you have not "set" the option as described above then your images will be exported/saved with default settings and will NOT render properly.

P.S. If you have already exported images with the wrong settings, it is likely you lost transparent backgrounds on some of them, and the above may not work unless you fix the original image first. You could also copy/paste the originals back into the proper folders from a new downloaded copy of the game/mod...and then edit them again using the settings listed above.
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