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05.12.15 10:48:09 am
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Had an idea for a mod, I'd need to be able to load an image, and then allow the player to select certain locations on the image. Is this possible?
05.12.15 12:01:07 pm
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the only way I know of (without modding the source code) is to use s2 cmd cscr to create a menu that fills the entire game window and then use s2 cmd cscr_image and s2 cmd cscr_text to create clickable interface elements.

since the game supports multiple resolutions you'll also have to create the background image you use for the cscr command in these resolutions. check which one you need to load by using the s2 cmd getsetting command with the "xres" and/or "yres" parameter.

as for the placement of images and text, I'd recommend to optimize them to stay inside the 800*600 pixel area.

the old cooking system of my Cast Away Mod used this to create a cooking menu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNYtX-hRGXU&t=90s
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